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EKO-Quality mark well known in the Netherlands

A Dutch consumer research of Marketresponse shows that the EKO Quality mark is the most well known qualitymark for organic products. It makes organic products easily recognizable and accessible for the general public. Consumers ascribe the EKO Quality symbol important features such as environmentally friendly, organic, natural and reliable. Shortly: the EKO Quality symbol is extremely appreciated by the consumer.

When consumers are asked which quality marks they know, 13% of them spontaneously mentions the the EKO Quality symbol. Almost six of ten consumers recognize the EKO Quality mark and one of five consumers buys incidently a product with EKO Quality symbol. Among visitors of natural food shops the acquaintance of the EKO Quality mark is even 78%.

Foundation EKO Quality mark considers these results as a confirmation of permanent consumer appreciation of the EKO Quality mark.

The research has been carried out by MarketResponse. Willem Brethouwer, general manager of MarketResponse, indicated at the BioVak Fair 2013 that this appreciation, acquaintance and positive image of the EKO Quality mark mean a strong basis for the future.

Click here for the complete research report (in Dutch).