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EKO Licence, for you?

The EKO Quality mark is meant for organic companies that want to show they aspire for sustainability.  They go beyond what has been laid down in national and EU legislation for organic production.

IFOAM, the cooperative association of  organic farming organisations has formulated the following principles for organic farming: ecology, health, fairness and care. Many organic companies practise these principles and for them this is normal and entirely logical.

If we can guarantee these efforts by means of a quality mark, then sustainability will be no longer cute marketing talk but a standard that can be inspected. That is good for the consumer, good for the trade and the processors, and it is good for the farmer. Because trustworthiness has value.

The EKO Quality mark is intended for all links in the chain of the organic branch, from the farmer to the supplier and from packers to storage and transport companies. In 2013 the fee for the use of the EKO Quality mark is 100€. This fee enables us to maintain, to protect and to promote the mark.

You can only become an EKO licensee when your organic company is  certified by Skal, the Dutch inspection body for organic production. More than 1000 companies have got the EKO license, which is not an obligation but a well considered choice.

As a matter of fact, only EKO licensees are allowed to use of the EKO Quality mark.